Fabric Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine

Fabric  Roll Packing Machine use to film packing on a big paper roll. redial type roll packing machine wrap outer surface film packing use.

after using redial wrapping machine product packing value increases. similarly, most advantage of save film up to 300 % than manual roll packing.

About Radial Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine

Radial Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is widely used in the paper and fabric industry where raw jumbo rolls are manufactured and packed.

In radial type machine, reels are wrapped on its cylindrical surface only, side portions are bear and can be covered with paper rings.

It allows minimum film consumption in compare to traditional axial reel wrapping machine. We manufactured machine according to buyers reel sizes and weights.

Fabric Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine

When your product is in Round shape and you wanted to diameter pack it then that type of packing machine we called Radial Roll Type packing machine. Roll wrapping machine is designed to apply layers of film across the whole Diameter surface of the Roll also called Fabric Roll stretch wrap Machine.

About Fabric Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine

When your productio n rate is high and film consumption is also high then you should choose this machine. It is fully heavy duty model. In which almost every problem solution is available.

Like Pre-stretch System Unit system is available for Fabric Roll .Which main purpose is your film saving can stretch upto 300%.

Now we have designed Power pre-stretch system With that  Cotton Roll stretch wrapper Machine is eligible to stretch film up to 300% even up to 70micron film.

Up-down Sytem is also avaiable there. With this you can wrap any big size diameter products. Also you can adjust central positioning,too.

Overlapping system is available,too. With this you can adjust overlapping of your stretch film.and also you can use any width film.

cotton fabric stretch wrap Machine Ejector system is there for helping you for heavy to havt products Unloading. You just have to give your machine on pit for protecting loading-unloading problems of your product.

So,according to that we have designed a Heavy structure machine.

Advantages Of  Fabric Roll Stretch Wrapper Machine :-

This machine will pay back its cost very soon, because of these advantages
1.) Protection from moisture dust and Foreign Particles
2.) Save Packaging time and Labour
3.) Prevents telescoping of film rolls
4.) Easy identification of wrapped product
5.) Globally accepted form of packaging
6.) Uniform packing

Features of Fabric Roll stretch wrap machine:-

1.)Can be used as fabric Roll Wrapper.
2.) Counter gives Stretch % applied & quantity of Film consumed in each Roll
3.) Provision for wide range of roll diameters.
4.) Various levels of protection can be achieved by using flexible control of turn table and Roll speeds.
5.)Completely automated machine.
6.)Sturdily built for handling rolls upto 1.5 tonnes by weight.
7.)Low profile height of turn table for easy loading and unloading of Rolls.
8.)Pit mounting of machine is possible so that loading & unloading of Reels is at Ground Level.
9.)Applies pre-stretched film delivered from State-of-Art Powered Pre-Stretch Unit.

Fabric Roll stretch Packing Machine price In India:-

we make customize machine so price is very according product size but our machine cotton Fabric stretch wrap machine starting from 6 lac to max 10 lac Indian rupees



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    Features :

     High Quality

     Save Labor

     Saving of Films.

    Dust Proof And Water Proof Product.

    Uniform Packaging

    Stretch Film is Cheaper Then Other Packing Material.

    At Starting Point & Ending Point – Wrap Can Be Adjusted By From Control Panel.

     Speedy Pack & Labor Saving

    Automatic Holding Of Film.

    Suitable For Use With Stretch Films Rolls.

    200% to 300% Save Stretch Film.


    Width : 400 MM To 1500 MM
    Diameter : 200 To 400 MM
    Kg : 30 To 200
    CORE ID : 75 MM
    OD : UP TO 200 MM
    WIDTH : 300 To 500 MM
    25-30 Rolls/Hour (Depend on Product )
    Rollers : 2 Nos. (M.S)
    Roller : M.S Roller With Rubber Belt
    Dia. Of Roller : 125mm
    Roller Center Distance : 200 mm
    Roller Motor : 1 HP
    Power Pre-Stretch Motor : 0.25 HP
    Sliding System Motor : 0.5 HP
    Roller Motor : 1 HP Gear Box
    Power Pre-Stretch Motor: 0.25 HP Gear Box
    Sliding System Motor : 0.5 HP Gear Box

    Roller Conveyor : 1 Hp
    Power Pre-Stretch Motor: 0.25 HP
    Sliding System Motor : 0.5 HP
    Chain Base Sliding System With Motor.
    Rubber Mounted Roller Base Automatic Cancer Base
    Power Pre-Stretch System