Here’s all that you need to know about Shrink Packaging in India

Here’s all that you need to know about Shrink Packaging in India

  • 28 March, 2019
  • innovativemechatronics

Shrink packaging, also called shrink wrapping, bundle wrapping, etc, is a process through which a product item or a group of items are wrapped in a loose sleeve or envelope of plastic film, which upon application of heat shrinks and tightly conforms to the shape of enclosed contents.

Shrink packaging processes was adopted considering the increasing cost of packaging and to reduce the cost of secondary packaging. Due to the practical and cost effective advantages of this method, it has found its use in many industries at various stages of packaging process.

Shrink wrap machines are made up of the best insulating materials like Rockwool on the machine panel. The conveyor rods of the shrink wrapping machinesthat pass from the heated shrink tunnel are coated with silicon tubes.

The shrink packaging machines are backed by heat resistant power coating on Mild Steel Fabrication. Some selective models of shrink wrapping machines come with Heavy-Duty DC motor with Gear-Box and special controllersfor Heavy Load Bearing Conveyor.Special seven tank process powder coat mild steel fabricatedbody, which make the shrink wrapping machine heavy duty and long lasting.
Why should you choose your Shrink Wrap manufacturer wisely?

It is imperative for any firm to choose their Shrink packing machine manufacturerwisely. One must keep in mind that eye catching packaging is the way to success. Packaging is a very important part of marketing. It protects and promotes the product, while giving out the necessary information. This is the most striking feature of a product. Hence, it is best if you do your background research about the Leading Packing Machine Manufacturer in Indiathoroughly.

Before settling on a Wrapping Machine Exporter, you should keep in mind certain things.
• Quality: NEVER compromise on the quality of packaging. Always make sure that you are on the same page as the manufacturer when it comes to the quality of packaging. This will increase the durability and leave an impact on the customers regarding the branding of the product.

• Handling bulk orders: if your firm or company deals with bulk products, it is best to make sure that the wrapping manufacturer is able to meet your quantity requirements with quality. If your firm or company deals with customized or specific orders, and not bulk, then make sure that your requirements are met properly.

• Customization: homogeneity does not appeal to customers when it comes to packaging. Make sure that the packaging can be customized to enhance the features of your product and make it stand out from the rest so that it appeals to the target customers.

• Efficiency and effectiveness: you should always make it a point to ensure that the wrapping machine exporter guarantees optimum utilization of resources, so as to make the process cost effective, and meet deadlines. Time is money!

• Wide range of customers: when you have a manufacturer Dealing in India, UAE and Africa Region, you are assured of the quality of the packaging that they may be producing. If the manufacturer that you’re dealing with has a good reputation, then a lot of customers would be attracted to work with them. This will help your firm or company earn some goodwill as well.