Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

In any industry any product pack with pallet and wrap with stretch film in that case prefer pallet wrapping machine to pack your product. When you are packing your product with pallet then your main advantage is that it gives a packing strength to your product and reduce film cost,too.

Types of pallet wrapping machine:-

We make different types of pallet wrapping machine but mainly there are 7types of pallet wrapping machine are available. 1.)Manual type pallet wrapping machine 2.)Pallet wrapping machine with ramp 3.)Pallet wrapping machine with holding system 4.)Pallet wrapping machine with auto-cutting system 5.)M- type pallet wrapping machine 6.)Arm type pallet wrapping machine 7.)Arm type pallet wrapping machine with conveyor system

1.)(PIM01) Manual type pallet wrapping machine:-

It is low cost type machine.In this only turntable is routed automatically but you have to do film up down manually. The main advantage of this machine is that it takes low space also it is very low cost.Easy to movable,too. The disadvantages of this machine is that it can not saves film due to lack of prestige unique system.also, film updown system is manual.

2.)(PIM02) Pallet wrapping machine with ramp:-

80% of industrialist use this machine to wrap pallet. 80 out of 100 person choose this machine to wrap pallet who wants to purchase pallet wrapping machine. It is Rough and tough model.very easy to use for the operator. We make this type of machine customizable as per your need. It saves film upto 300%.* Photo-eye sensor also available in this machine to easy to identify your product height. Ramp is available for loading & unloading your product easily. Heavy Turntable structure and machine structure.It have very operator friendly PLC Programming. All the motors have VFD for speed controlling. Disadvantages:-If you have use manual stracker for loading unloading your pallet, Ramp available but machine height is 90-100mm. So, for loading purpose minimum 2 person is required. Solution:- Kindly use Electric stracker forklift.

3.)(PIM03) Pallet wrapping machine with holding system:-

When your product weight is low and it gets out from turntable due to tension of film in that situation get rid of this fear you should choose this machine. When your product weight is 10kg to 150kg then this machine is very suitable for your product to wrap. It can used in 1.)Water tank Industry 2.)Low weight Corrugated Boxes Industry There are two types with we are doing holding.One of these is Motorized System and second one is Pneumatic Holding System.

4.)(PIM06) Pallet wrapping machine with auto-cutting system:-

Pallet wrapping machine with auto-cutting system(PIM06) is as same as Pallet wrapping machine with ramp(PIM02). The only difference which differs them from each other is that film-mounting and film-cutting system is automatic in Pallet wrapping machine with auto-cutting system. The main advantage of this machine is that it is very Time saving and Labour-saving,too.

5.)(PIM04) M-Type pallet wrapping Machine:-

When your product's Loading-Unloading is done with a Manual Stracker and Work is getting done by only one labour then it is the most suitable choice for you. There is cut in M shape in this machine under a turntable, with that your pallet is going under turntable with a whole manual stracker. Because of this your loading unloading problem is solve very easily.

6.)(PIM05) Arm Type Palllet wrapping Machine:-

Above mentioned all of the models have Turntable, but in Arm Type Pallet wrapping there is no turntable. In this Arm is rotating around pallet by itself, that's why it is called Arm type Pallet wrapping machine. The amazing advantage of Arm type pallet wrapping is that Loading-unloading is very easy compare than other type of pallet wrapping.

7.)(PIM07) Arm Type Pallet wrapping machine with conveyor system:-

If Your production is at very high level and your product come from conveyor in that situation this model is very suitable for you. In this model your product come from Infeed Conveyor and stop at Wrapping station and after wrap it is come out from Outfeed conveyor.

The advanatge of this Model are:

1.)Speedy packing 2.)Easy to handle 3.)Saves labour Cost

The pallet stretch wrapping machine offers various types of feature for your convience:-

1. High Quality 2. Up-Down System For Cover Maximum Size. 3. Pre Stretch System Supplying up to 250% Stretch 4. Ac Motor With Frequency Inverter Control. 5. Film Tension Control Adjustment. 6. Separate Start/Reset/Emergency Stop Button. 7. Heavy Duty Chain Drive. 8. Home Position : The Turntable Always Stops At The Same Position. 9. Both One Touch Automatic Programs And Manual Run Option. 10. Advanced Photo Eye to Sense on the Package Angle. 11. Easy to Load Stretch Film Unit.

Innovative additional features:-

When your film is in between 50 to 90micron and you want to stretch it upto 300% then we provide Power pre-stretch system. We are first company in India to introduce this system.

Pallet wrapping machine Specifications:

Stretching Type: Pre-Stretch. Control System: PLC Controller. Turntable Diameter: 1650mm. Pallet Weight: 2500kgs. Load Height: 2500mm. working size: 1200 X 1200 mm Power: 3 HP.

There are many General advantages of Pallet stretch wrapping machine, Here are some basic ones:-

1.) It Protect from Dust, Moisture, and Foreign Particles. 2.)Protection from Pilferage 3.) Gives stability to the pack 3.)Scratch Resistance. 4.)handling becomes easy and fast. 5.)Economical mode of packing

FAQ Answers:-

1.)How much does it cost to stretch wrap a pallet? OR calculating a budget for a stretch film. The math is pretty simple,though.Generally size of every pallet is varies from each other. The cost to stretch wrap a pallet mainly depends upon a size of pallet and how many times we are wrapping pallet with film roll. But if we calculate cost approxly then suppose your product height is 1000mm, width is 1000mm and length is also 1000mm in that situation 200 to 300gm film may be used. In rupees we can say 25 to 35 rupees will be spend and if convert it into dollar then 0.35 to 0.4USD will be cost of this.

2.)How much does an automatic pallet wrapper cost? OR What is the price of automatic pallet wrapping machine? OR Pallet stretch wrapping machine price

The price of pallet wrapping machine is depend upon a size of pallet. If the size of pallet is big then price would be high and If size of pallet is small then price would be low. Also it depends on pallet machine model,too. But when we are talking about pallet wrapping machine with ramp so that machine price will be 4250 to 7500USD. and if we convert it into rupees it would be 300000 to 500000.

3.)How many times should a pallet be wrapped? OR How many times should we wrap a pallet with film roll?

It depends upon strength of a film.If your film is high micron then less turn will be happen and if your film is less micron then more turn will be happen. But if we use 23 micron machine stretch film then in that situation in bottom and top both at least three times pallet should wrapped with film while keeping the film tight as pallet off the roll. 4.)How many pallet can be wrapped with pallet wrapping machine? It depends upon size of pallet but If your pallet size is normal then 30 to 35 pallet can be wrapped per hour.

5.) What are the dimension of the largest pallet to be wrapped by pallet wrapping machine? OR Which largest dimension pallet can be wrapped with pallet wrapping machine?

We make customize pallet wrapping machine according to your pallet size. But maximum size of pallet can be wrapped is which pallet height is 3.5m, width is 1.8m and length is also 1.8m.

6.)Which type of stretch film can be used for pallet wrapping wrap?

Generally in market there are two types of stretch film are available. 1.)Manual Grade stretch film 2.)Machine Grade stretch film But we mostly prefer second one machine grade stretch film. In which minimum micron 23 and stretch film roll width is 20 inch.