Vertical Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

Vertical Coil stretch wrapping Machine

There are mainly two types of Vertical Coil stretch wrapping machine regarding conveyor system. 1.)Automatic Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine when Self weight of product coil is higher than 25kg, Inner diameter is more than 400mm, Product Coil Outer diameter is more than 600mm, Width is 200mm to 500mm then we suggest you to go with Vertical coil wrapping machine. In which industry uses:- Tapping System:- There is one other type of Vertical coil wrapping machine also existing which is called Tapping system. In this we can put tap on the outer surface of coil for your company branding. It is used in Various industries like G.I.Wire Industry, Drip Irrigation pipe industry, Big tyres industry, Small steel coil industry. 2.)Automatic vertical Coil wrapping machine with trolly system:- when your product coil Inner diameter is big, outer diameter is big, width is more but self weight is very high in that situation choose trolly system so loading & unloaing will be easy by crain. It is used in Big steel coil industry, Big wire industry like CHQ Wire, High carbon wire, Nutt-bolt wire industry, HDPE pipe Industry.