Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Semi-automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

It is most common used machine in film heat sealing machine because of its design & economical advantage. semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine most common used machine in India.

How Semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine works:-

We will understand this by taking an example of one product. If you want to wrap water bottle with semi shrink wrap then how can you do that we are explaining this step-by-step. So, First of all you have to put 12 water bottles of 1 litre on to web sealer. Then you have to give command 'START'. After that Automatic Air cylinders will take bottles under machine.

semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine manufacturer:-

and film is wrapped around its 3 sides automatically, then it will be sealed by one more cylinder. After this process you can see water bottle is wrapped around all of 4 sides and there is open space in 2 sides are visible to you. When you put other 12 water bottles more on machine and give command 'START' then automatically first packet will go in conveyor of shrink tunnel. and that conveyor will take packet in shrink tunnel for heat sealing and then getting it out after sealing. We can do this same process for any product like Soft drink packing, Phenyl bottle packing, Oil bottle packing, Battery, etc. Mainly this machine is divided into 2 parts:- 1.) Web sealer & 2.) Shrink Tunnel When this is work in combination then whole machine is callled as Shrink wrapping Machine OR Group packing OR Bundling Machine.

semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine manufacturing Specification:-

Voltage- 3 phase 415V Power- 2 phase Film- 50 to 100 LDPE Shrink film Heating Temperature- Upto 200degree C Sealing Time- 4to 5 second Production Capacity- 2to 7 pack/minute (depend on product size)

semi-automatic shrink wrap machine Advantages:-

> Low cost > Saves Labour cost > Save Power > Save packing cost compared to Box packing machine > Eye-catching packaging > Easy to handle > Mainly use in Soft drink packing, Phenyl bottle packing, Oil bottle packing, Battery, etc. > To save packing cost replace Shrink wrapping with Corrugated packing


1.) What is the packing cost of water bottle with shrink wrapping machine? It is depend upon bottle size. But we can calculate assuming 1Ltr. bottle. So, In 1Ltr. bottle Shrink film is used approx 35 to 40gm. Per price approx 135 to 150kg. So we calculate assuming 140 Rs. In 1kg approx 23 to 25 pack will be done, and 1 Pack price is 5.5 rupees to max 6.5 rupees + 0.5 to to 0.75 electricity per packet. So, max to max it will finished in 7 to 7.25 rupees. It is vary acoording to film width, film micron and plastic film price.