Horizontal Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

Horizontal Coil stretch wrapping Machine

horizontal stretch wrapper mainly, use to wrap less than 50 Kg coil because easy to loading un-loading system. There are mainly two types of Horizontal Coil stretch wrapping machine regarding conveyor system. Similarly, vertical coil wrapper Above all, coil wrapping machine

1.)Automatic Horizontal Coil wrapping machine

When self weight of product coil is less than 25kg, Inner diameter is 200mm to 500mm, Outer diameter is 300mm to 700mm, width is 50mm to 150mm then we prefer Horizontal Coil wrapping machine.

Tapping System type Machine:-

There is one other type of horizontal coil wrapping machine also existing which is called Tapping system. Similarly, this we can put tap on the outer surface of coil for your company branding.

In which Industry horizontal coil wrap machine uses:-

1) Binding wire industry 2) G.I.wire Industry, 3) Small tyre Industry like car,bike,three wheeler, 4) Pet strap industry, Bearing Industry, 5) Housing Cable & wire Industry, 6) Flexible pipe Industry like Garden pipe, corrugated pipe, Braided pipe.

2.)Automatic Horizontal Coil wrapping machine with Conveyor system

In conclusion,First of suppose your production rate is very high and your product is coming from conveyor in that case with the use of automatic horizontal coil wrapping machine with conveyor system product handling is getting very easy. Similarly, Your product weight is too high but your product width is too small in that Above all, you can also go with automatic horizontal coil wrapping machine with conveyor system.

Horizontal coil wrapper machine used:-

1) steel strip coil, 2) small width steel coil, 3) small width GI wire industries.

automatic Coil stretch wrapping machine features :-

1.) Adjustable Film Overlap 2.)PLC Based Operations 3.) Automatic cutting and holding of film. 4.)Adjustable stretch ratio. 5.) Vibration free Operation