L-Sealer Machine

L-sealer Machine

L-sealer machine Seal product in L-shape. In L-sealer type machine Folded film is used to seal products. When we put product under folded film and sealing under L-sealer then it is packed around all four side Similarly,Product will be shrinking by heat after putted in shrink tunnel, because of that your product will looking transparent & eye-catching. However, when we purchase Combo machine then it is called as L-sealer with combo tunnel machine.

There are three types of L-seal machine are available:-

1.) Manual L-sealer 2.) L-sealer with conveyor 3.) Fully automatic L-sealer Machine

1.) Manual L-sealer manufacturing:-

When we use Manual L-sealing machine you should manually put product under film and manually seal with your hand and put product manually by your hand into tunnel.

2.)Sealer with Conveyor system in India:-

This is as same as Manual L-sealer the only difference is in Manual L-sealer you have to put film on product by hand, sealing by hand. here conveyor system is available for that With the help of conveyor product goes into tunnel after sealing automatically.

3.)Fully Automatic L-sealer uses:-

In fully automatic L-sealer all process is done automatic except you should put product in conveyor manually. When you put product in conveyor it will go automatically for film wrapping, sealing will also done automatically, and also it will go automatically in tunnel through conveyor system.

L sealer packing machine manufacturer:-

and after that it will get out through conveyor after shrinking. When your production rate is too high then you should surely choose this machine.