Everything About Shrink Wrapping Machine | Process | Features & Types Of Shrink Wrapping

Everything About Shrink Wrapping Machine | Process | Features & Types Of Shrink Wrapping

  • 18 February, 2022
  • innovativemechatronics

Shrink Wrapping Machine:-

Shrink Wrapping, Shrink Packaging, or Bundle Wrapping is a packaging process in where a group of products is wrapped in shrinkable plastic film which, after exposing to hot air, holds the products firmly together for transport, as a sales unit or for ease of inventory management.
However, Shrink packaging like any packaging process involves: Preparation of wrapping material (film), Preparation of product, Enclosing (wrapping) in a sleeve of LDPE film then Shrinking/cooling and discharge.
Moreover, Each part of the process including the product itself can affect the speed, versatility, and quality resultant pack. However, the two main factors are product collation and wrapping system.

Shrink Wrapping Machine Process:-

The shrink wrapping process consists of 3 steps:-

1. Product grouping
The products are arranged into a group (e.g. 3×2 bottles to form a 6-pack), In slower machines the product is fed a single lane, and grouping are done inside the machine by successive strokes of pneumatic or electric pusher (or lifter.) In faster machines, the product is introduced in multilane or pre-collated outside of the machine. while high-speed machines use continuous motion grouping.After that,
2. Bundle forming
A sheet of shrink film is wrapped around the products forming a bundle. there are currently two main ways for wrapping the product, – using two rolls with hot knife cutting and sealing
– using single roll with cold knife cutting and overlap sealing in the tunnel
3. Heat shrinking
The bundle passes through a heated zone of the shrink tunnel, where re-circulated hot air causes the film to shrink and conform to the shape of enclosed products. Once outside, the pack is cooled by forced air to tighten the film-forming semi-rigid pack ready for stacking on a pallet or further downstream packaging.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping:-

Shrinkwrapping makes products more sealed and keeps out dampness and light introduction as well as protecting the product during transit. Shrinkwrapping, for instance, is excellent for CDs as you can observe the cover, as well as food products and pharmaceuticals. Shrinkwrap is also known for being a low-cost packaging solution, with an outlay for the packaging machine, polyolefin shrink wrap film is very economically friendly. Polyolefin shrink wrap film may seem thin – it is, in fact, the thinnest on the market – but this doesn’t compromise its strength.
Having been tried and tested for many years, these are just some of the reasons that shrink wrap is one of the leading packaging solutions in the world.


These are certain features available with Shrink wrapping machine:-
1.) FirstlySealing line on Two sides of the product
2.) Secondly, Counter& Timer controlled System
3.)Thirdly, Heavy-duty Conveyor System
4.)High-speed Blower System with Continuous Rating
5.)High-Quality Heating Element
6.) Easy Operations
7.)Longer Service Life
8.)most importantlyResistant Against Corrosion
9.) Two Roll of shrink film Operations

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap Machinery:-

If you decide to use shrink wrap in your business, there are many reasons to prefer using shrink wrapping machinery over alternative packaging methods. For one, automatic shrink wrapping machinery dramatically speeds up your production line.

By substituting manual wrapping for an automated machine, you do not need to complete the tedious, time-consuming tasks of packaging products in shrink film, which gives you more time to achieve more meaningful work. You also save on film costs:

automatic shrink wrapping machinery is much more efficient with the amount of film it uses on each product than someone could hope to be by hand, which means shrink wrapping machinery can save you even more money in the long run.
Shrinkwrapping machinery also helps significantly with inventory control. On the one hand, when you use the right shrink wrapping machine, your goods will be securely wrapped to prevent damage from dirt, dust, and moisture. This can give you added peace of mind that your stock is ready for shipping.
On the other hand, shrink wrapping lets you bring consistency to how much shrink wrap you use per product, allowing you to more accurately know how much material you will need at any one time and reduce your storage requirements.

Advantages Of Shrink Wrapping Machine:-

Now understand the benefits of the shrink-wrapping machine more by some Points:-
1.)Firstly, Protection from dust, Moisture, and foreign Particles.
2.)Secondly, Give stability to the pack
3.)Scratch Resistant
4.)Handling becomes easy and fast
5.) Economical Mode of packing
6.) Prevent Telescoping of Rolls
7.)most importantlySaving Packaging Labor and time
8.)Attractive Packing Than printed boxes