Horizontal Coil Stretch wrapping Machine | Tire Wrapping Machine

Horizontal Coil Stretch wrapping Machine | Tire Wrapping Machine

  • 18 February, 2022
  • innovativemechatronics

Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine:-
If you have any product in the shape of a round coil and want to wrap around it. we have a particular packaging machine for this called Coil stretch wrapping Machine.
The Coil packing machine is a coil stretch wrapper specially designed for eye through packing-which is efficient equipment for coil packaging.

There are different versions of coil stretch wrapper per different coil sizes, handling ways, packing material, and handling requirements.
We have mainly two types of coil stretch wrapping machine available with us:-

1.) Horizontal Coil stretch wrapping machine
2.) Vertical Coil stretch wrapping machine

Here, we will discuss Horizontal Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine. Firstly, If you want to pursue wrapping coil in a horizontal position then you should go with this machine.
A horizontal coil wrapping machine is best suitable to wrap your coil in which you want to wrap in a horizontal position further it gives you the best revenue of your money.
But there are also some conditions to use a horizontal coil wrapping machine which you should take care of.
Coil data and specifications are manually inputted to the control center and the system. The parameter contains relevant information such as:

1.) The Self-weight Of the product should be less.
2.)The Inner diameter of the product should be less.
3.) The outer diameter of the product should be less.
4.) The width of the product should be less.
Moreover, A coil packing machine can help provide you high-quality machinery to help with your packaging process.
It combines your needs and rich experience to provide a unique service to your customer.

It is applied in various type of products including Vehicle Tyres, PVC Wires & Cables, Braided Pipe Coil, Garden Pipes,
Pneumatic Pipe Bundles, Binding Wire Coils, for packing purpose.

Horizontal Coil Wrapping Machine for Tire:-
however, Tires may be classified according to the type of vehicle they serve. They may be distinguished by the load they carry and by their application, e.g. to a motor vehicle, aircraft, or bicycle.
In the Tire industry, different types of tires are available in different sizes and with different weights and they all should not wrap by the horizontal wrapping machines available with us.
Until or Unless they have 200mm to 500mm inner diameter. So, If you want to wrap a tire with a horizontal wrapping machine it should have its inner diameter of 200mm to 500mm.
and outer diameter 350mm to 800mm. Further, their width should be 50mm to 150mm, and weight should 2kg to 25kg. Yet, one machine is not enough to wrap this. It should require 2machines to wrap the Tire with Horizontal Coil wrapping Machine for different sizes.

Advantages Of Tire Wrapping Machine:-
Firstly, Protection from the entry of Dust, Moisture, Foreign Particles
Secondly, Uniform/ Consistent Packing
Thirdly, Saves Packaging Labour cost and Time
Globally favored form of Packaging.
Protection from Tamper

Further, If you want a Tire Wrapping machine it is a humble request to send your product’s inner diameter, Outer diameter, width & weight.