Brass Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Brass Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine  also called Wire & Cable Film Wrapping Machine is used for Spiral / Periphery Stretch Wrapping of Coil Shaped Products and Products with Long Lengths.

Wire & Cable Film Wrpapping machine use To wrapping 2 Kg To 50 Kg wire bandal Film Wrapping. ID : 150 To 500 MM, OD: 200 To 700 MM and Width : 20 To 100 MM.

The machine offers various controls for wrapping the stretch film and jute/paper roll at desired wrap tension and for wrapping different wrap configurations. The machine is designed for continuous operation and is rigid & sturdy. The machine is designed with an emphasis of functionality, reliability, and ease of operation.

Coil wrapper wraps the coil-shaped products in a spiral manner through the eye of the product. This is a means of applying the stretch film to a load consisting of stretch rollers supported on a vertical ring. It has a means of passing a load through ring’s eye horizontally.

Brass Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

When self weight of product coil is less than 25kg, Inner diameter is 200mm to 500mm, Outer diameter is 300mm to 700mm, width is 50mm to 150mm then we prefer Brass Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

Tapping System type Machine:-

There is one other type of Brass coil Packing  machine also existing which is called Tapping system.
In this we can put tap on the outer surface of coil for your company branding.

About Brass Pipe film packing machine:-

First of all, suppose your production rate is very high and your product is coming from conveyor in that case with the use of automatic horizontal Brass wire coil pack machine product handling is getting very easy.

Secondly, Your product weight is too high but your product width is too small in that situation you can also go with automatic M.s Wire coil pack machine with conveyor.

How to use Brass strap Pack Machine:-

1.) First of all put product in machine.
2.) Then press START button.
3.)Automatic wrapping & tapping will be start just after starting machine.
4.)The machine will be stop on which count you had set.
5.)Lastly Start ejector after starting that product will come outside.

Advantages Of Packing machine For brass wire:-

1.) Protection from entry of Dust, Moisture, Foreign Particles
2.) Protection from Tamper
3.)Uniform/ Consistent Packing
4.) Saves Packaging Labour cost and Time
5.) Globally favoured form of Packaging.

features Of brass cable Packing machine:-

1.) Adjustable Film Overlap
2.)PLC Based Operations
3.) Automatic cutting and holding of film.
4.)Adjustable stretch ratio.
5.) Vibration free Operation
6.) Logo PLC base operation for timing of wrapping
7.) Rotation, Cutting, ejection
8.) Advance paper relish system.

1.)How much does it cost to wrap a bras Pipe Coil? OR calculating a budget for a packaging film for coil.

It is very very difficult to answer this question because in Garden Pipe coil wrapping machine small to big sizes coil are getting wrapped. But if we make assumption with small coil like Car Tyre

which is available in market and which Inner diameter is 200mm,Outer diameter is 450mm,width is 100mm and weight is 25kg in that case when you wrap with HDPE Material then approx 50gm material is used in that coil.when we convert it into a rupees then approx 8-10rupees cost is come to wrap a coil.

2.)What is the price of brass coil packaging machine?

When we are talking about price it is also very difficult to answer. But we are making customize machine for small to big size of coil.
For small coil starting price is 2.5lakh and for wire coil it is upto 20lakhs.

3.)How many brass Pipe coil can be wrapped with hose wrapping machine?

It depends upon size that how many coil we can wrapped with pipe wrapping machine.Just like for small coil per hour 40 to45 coil we can wrap and for big coil 25to 30 coil per hour
wrapped with the help of coil wrapping machine.

4.)What are the dimension of the largest plastic pipe to be wrapped by brass strap wrapping machine?

We make customize coil wrapping machine as per your need. But the maximum size of coil can be wrapped is which Inner diameter is 2.5m, Outer diameter is 3m, width is 0.5m,
and weight is 10ton.

5.)Which type of film can be used for brass coil wrapping machine to wrap coil?

Different different industries wise, product wise packaging would be different for coil wrapping machine to wrap coil.Like In wire industry we use HDPE Pipe, Rafia material & also stretch film.

In flexible pipe industry we only use stretch film many customers would like to use mulching film. In tyre industry Metalize polyster film and LDPE film has used.

So, basically we wanted to say In coil wrapping machine you can use film as per your choice but it should in proper roll and specification are likely to make as per our conditions.

If you need brass stretch wrap machine please send details like

Innder diamater : Min To max
Ouuter Diamater : min to max
width: min to max
kg: min to max


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    Features :

    Adjustable film overlap.

    Motors for Wrapping Ring is controlled by AC frequency.

    PLC Based Operation.

    Automatic ejector [more suitable for less than 25 kg]

    Controllable cycle time.

    Bought out Components used in the machine are of reputed makes.

    Automatic cutting and holding of film.

    Adjustable stretch ratio.

    Vibration free operation.

    Logo Plc base operation for timing of wrapping, rotation, cutting, ejection.

    Advance paper relish system.

    Advance stretch holding system.

    MACHINE NEEDED POWER3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing (415V AC 50 Hz)
    2 kw POWER
    OD:250 MM TO 500MM
    WIDTH:50 MM TO 120 MM
    KG: 5 To 25 kg
    8 Input output plc
    Switches Teknic make:

    ID: Up To 75 MM [25 mm OR 50 MM core more suitable]
    OD:UP TO 130 MM
    ROLLER M : 0.5HP
    ROLLER D : 0.5HP
    12 MM Ring Plat
    Size: 1250X1250X1250(Aprox.)
    Weight: 400 kg.*
    Working Table Size: 700 MM (Approx.)
    CUTTERHSS material make cutter
    RollerM.S Roller with Rubber coating (With 3 Power Roller)