Reel Wrapping Machine With Pre-Stretched System

Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine. Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is used for stretch film wrapping around the Non-woven, coil, paper roils, rubber product and similar materials manufactured in small reels. Reel Stretch wrapping machine assist in reduction of labor by automating the process of attaching, detaching and pressing the film. For the product to be wrapped, the operator simply places the item on a turn-table and switches the machine to operate.

IM-002 Reel wrapping machine With pre-stretch unit system use to wrap small paper roll , flat drip pipe, laminated roll , small width paper roll.
Main advantage of IM-002 save film up-to 300 %

Reel Wrapping Machine With Pre-Stretched System

Reel Wrapping Machine With Pre-Stretched System used to save the film, winding machine in rolls with pre-stretching unit. We manufacture custom machines in India and supply them in use, USA, Dubai and many other countries. Stretch wrapping machine for reel and roll from, our wrapping machine on the outer surface of a product.

product such as laminated roll wrapper, drip roll wrapper, corrugated tube roll and paper roll wrapper uses this machine. The pre-stretch unit system saves up to 300% film, so if more products wind up than the price of the machine, the payback in 1 year of film saving system . Laminated roll stretch wrap machine to be used for laminated roll wrap, film roll, printed laminated roll wrap machine.

About roll wrapper machine with film saving manufacturer in India

Updown system roll film packaging machine, use if your carton box size is larger than 20 x 20 x 30 inch, this time this modal is suitable for you.

However, this model, we use updown system for stretch film, so we customize wrapping machines according to your product

Automatic roll Wrappers machine manufacturer in India

In this paragraph, many manufacturers in India require the best quality and price with higher machines than purchased from Innovative mechatronics. Manual reel and reel winder with pre-stretch and up and down system used in India, however, the manual winder with cardboard film in the Indian companies of the innovative technology group is one of the best Indian companies in the United States group. United, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Rasiya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Poland, France, Dubai, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Cyprus, Qatar, Israel.

supplier Reel Wrapping Machine With Pre-Stretched System in UAE

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    Advantages :
    • Protection against moistrer and dust
    • Prevent teiescoping of rolls
    • Save packaging cost, labour and time
    • Better identification of wraped product
    • Gives stability to product
    • Economical way of packing
    • Save from atmosphere, rain etc

    Width : 200 MM To 370 MM
    Diameter : 260 MM To 500 MM
    Reel Weight : Up To 90 KG
    OD: UP TO 200 MM
    Width :125 MM TO 300 MM
    PACKING EFFICIENCY30-40 Rolls/Hour (Depend On Product )
    TURNTABLE SPEED0 To 19 RPM (Depend On Product)
    DIA. OF TURNTABLE550 MM (As Per Customer Requirement)
    ROLLER SPECIFICATIONRollers : 2 Nos. (M.S)
    Roller : M.S Roller With Rubber Belt
    Dia. of Roller : 125 MM
    Roll Width : 400 MM
    Tune Table Motor & Roller Motor : 1 HP
    Pre- stretch Motot: 0.5
    Tune Table Motor : 1 Hp
    Rubber Mounted Roller Base Automatic Cancer Base
    Power Pre-Stretch System
    Save Film Up To 250 %
    Auto Off Sensor Base System