roll stretch wrapping machine

roll stretch wrapping machine

When your product is in Round shape and you wanted to full pack it then that type of packing machine we called Radial Roll Type packing machine. Radial roll wrapping machine is designed to apply layers of film across the whole outer surface of the Reel. Roll wrapping machine is specially designed to wrap paper roll, Laminated roll & many Industrial product. There are also three types of Rolll wrapping machine based on size:- 1.) Manual Roll wrapper 2.) Automatic Roll wrapper 3.) Automatic Roll wrapping with pallet wrapping

1.) Manual Roll wrapper:-

It is a basic roll wrapper machine. It is economically affordable to you. But this machine has certain advantages like there is no film saving system is available. Only upto 20% Film-saving can be done. The overlapping system is also not adjustable. It is fix & machine speed is too fix. How manual roll wrapper works? First of all you have to mount/place your product on machine. Then you will put stretch film manually on product. After putting film on product when you will start the machine then you had set some counts on counter-meter that time machine will Turn. After product packing machine will automatically stop. You have to cut film manually and unload your product.

2.) Automatic Roll wrapper

When your production rate is high and film consumption is also high then you should choose this machine. It is fully heavy duty model. In which almost every problem solution is available. Like Pre-stretch System Unit system is available.Which main purpose is your film saving can stretch upto 300%. Now we have designed Power pre-stretch system With that machine is eligible to stretch film up to 300% even up to 70micron film. roll wrap Up-down Sytem is also avaiable there. With this you can wrap any big size diameter products. Also you can adjust central positioning,too. Film Overlapping system is available,too. With this you can adjust overlapping of your stretch film.and also you can use any width film. Roll Ejector system is there for helping you for heavy to havt products Unloading. You just have to give your machine on pit for protecting loading-unloading problems of your product. So,according to that we have designed a Heavy structure machine.

3.)Automatic Roll wrapping with Pallet wrapping:-

When you have industry in which some products are round some in square and some in rectangular shape for that we have designed a Combo machine in which your pallets are getting wrapped and with same machine you can wrap Round shape product like Paper Roll,etc. We have progamming this machine in a way that with the help of One Touch Your Radial machine will convert into Pallet machine. Roll wrap machine manufacturing :- The longitudinally applied wraps are moved along the periphery with uniform overlap forming a cocoon type packing. This packing is completely Moisture & Dust proof and protects the product. The Roll Wrapper is state-of-the-art machine having provision for wrapping reels over a wide range of diameters and lengths. If you required you can designed this Two-in-One machine can be instantaneously switched over from Reel Wrapping mode to normal pallet stretch wrapping mode by a selector switch. Further, If you need then this machine can be easily integrated into conveyor lines. Roll wrapping machine price :- we make customize roll stretch wrapper machine so price is depend on product sizees but our machine staring from 1 lac to max 15 lac machine. Roll packing machine uses:- Paper, Film, Foils, etc., in Reel form, cannot be easily wrapped with protective wrappers manually due to their heavy weight.